Enlightenment... Home box dye colouring

With all the recent activity on T.V and social media with regards to colouring hair at home and the fact we have actively done work on a Clairol DIY colour advert. 

We thought it was time to speak candidly on this issue. 

We certainly don’t condone any professional colourist recommending a guest to colour their own hair but we do understand that not everyone has the budget to always visit the salon. What about the selection of the populous that find visiting the salon intimidating and slightly elitist, so would rather colour their hair at home?


We think its time to enlighten our guests a little and here’s why…


Most people would argue that visiting the salon to cover the grey or add a little ‘sparkle’ is costly and so using a home box dye kit may seem more cost effective. The statistics do say that at least 40% of women in the U.K. colour their hair at home and why not when you see the hair in adverts, like the one we have just done. 

Their hair looks great and it seems so easy, doesn’t it?

The truth is when colouring hair for media, forget that a professional colours the hair and at least two shades or tones are used. One colour is never applied all over being that a multi tonal look is always desired. 


Who could do this at home?


We professionals know that after a while of home colouring, cuticle staining becomes a problem. 

One of the main reasons we do not recommend colouring hair at home is the application of colour. How can anyone, even a professional, correctly apply colour to their own hair at the roots without overlapping or missing bits? (What a messy business) 

This will take the hair into the realm of bad condition, uneven porosity and uneven saturation, causing cuticle staining. 

This is when a visit to the salon is essential to correct the stained hair and we know, this could take more than one visit and will certainly turn into a costly experience.

So is it really cost effective? We believe not.

We discovered when using these box dyes, that one box was never enough to achieve an overall colour. Yes, we could cover the roots but there was never enough to refresh the mid lengths and ends. 

So two boxes would be essential for a full coverage. 

If a box dye costs between £8 - £18 and two boxes are essential, then it’s roughly the same price as visiting a salon?


Education is needed to enlighten our guests to the salon. 

Explaining what can happen to their hair and how much it really costs after correcting the damage that has already been done at home and also all the products needed to rebuild and re-bond the hair. 

In comparison to having hair professionally coloured, when all due care and attention is taken to create the best results.

Share advice on a less maintenance technique like having a more natural feel, such as reverse lights or multi tonal lights to disguise the whites. 

A little enlightenment on a less is more colour would be our recommendation, as most clients from our experience want a natural feel, that is why balayage is such a popular technique. 

We all wish our hair was as multi- tonal as when we were a child. 


As said before we wanted to speak candidly on this issue. We believe everyone in this industry works so hard to keep these techniques beautifully executed. We do not slap it on and we care about the canvas (in our case hair) so lets start shouting about what we do. 

We believe that knowledge is power so let it speak for us when sharing our knowledge to our clients. We are sure you will see they will find us less intimidating.

Sarah Spiers