Balayage - the secrets


Let’s talk about this beautiful word….

Are we sick of it yet? We may be!!! but our clients still love it, they may have just discovered it, some don’t even know how to pronounce it or know it has a name, they just like the feeling, the look.

And that’s it, that’s just it….. a feeling,

So the wonderful client comes in for a consultation and that amazing full proof patch test (don’t get us started) then they ask for that root feel but they don’t want to see much of their natural colour, they want to be blonde but it has to be cool as cool tones have always suited them but whenever they’ve been blonde before the colour always seems to be too yellow, not nice, not blonde, more…. well they can’t describe what it is :0

They then utter that word, you know the one, that word that they’ve seen being bandied about BALAYAGE,,,,

What does it mean?

Well for every colourist out there it means, and lets not get too technical, it actually means…(a French word) meaning to sweep, the action that our wrists do when applying the product with this freehand technique.

But to the client it is a look, a feeling, you know when your colour looks more natural. A low maintenance colour, that they don’t have to worry about when it grows out. A colour that is suitable to their skin tone and that gives lift and lightness in areas, especially around their face.

This is where a lot of us, if not all of us get bogged down in the word itself. Balayage is mentioned and we think we need to use that freehand technique.

Well we say Hell no….

To achieve what the client is wanting, a freehand technique can’t always lift to an even lightness (blending from root to ends usually gives a warmer result).  Especially when she (or he) is wanting no warmth, so what do we do?

Use cling film, a rollerball, a climazone, take finer sections?

Well yes, you could do all the above but still would you achieve the desired result?

This is where we come in with our Mantra Foils FOILS FOILS, all the way.

Sometimes the easiest solution works.

Well we know it’s not as exciting as sweeping that product on the hair but wow what results we can get (especially when adding a little backcombing to each section).

Using foils will give an even lightness and when backcombing, that wanted root stretch is there, without having to add any base colour. Which will only create difficulty for you when she next comes in for an up lift.

So next time you hear that word we ask you to stop and think.

Natural depth,




sensitivity and

home maintenance.

Then think about the plethora of techniques you have at your fingertips (literally).

Use that knowledge of science and those techniques that you have.

And of course if you ever feel you need a refresher or some new techniques or science know how, well you know where we are.

Sarah Spiers