Chaulk Courses


Why Chaulk?

What would it usually cost you, as a salon owner to send a member of your team out of the salon for education?

A few things to consider:

The cost of the course, this could be anything upwards of £200 per day up to and beyond £450

Travel costs

Hotel costs

The cost of taking them out the salon

Do they get the most out of learning from an environment that’s not known to them?

Most stylists are very daunted at the fact they have to travel to London for education, they feel nervous and unconfident, this can affect what they get out of the day.

Will they deliver what they have learnt to the rest of the salon team when they return? Or is everything ‘forgotten’

The Benefits of having Chaulk in your salon is hugely beneficial to you and your Team!!!!!! Education is the best way to create loyalty from your team.

Save Money!!!!! Our courses start at £950 for up to 6 students, this works out at £165 per person with a group of 6.

You get 2 Top London Educators. How many times do you go on a course and you feel your waiting around for the educator to get to you? Less waiting around, two heads are better than one.

Travel is included in your quote.

No Hotel costs, again we believe these should be included in your quote.

It’s a fact that people learn better as a team and when they are relaxed and stress free. No frantic runs for the tube, running late and worrying about how they will perform.

At Chaulk we pride ourselves on no stress relaxed and fun learning.

Follow on support and tips to help you make the most of how you implement your days training into the salon, make the most of it, its not just about the day, it’s about the future!

Our teachings create a minimum standard across the whole team, which is then implemented in their confidence when approaching future clientele expectations.

All our foundation or root courses are day long sessions during the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm and are aimed at all levels of ability.

No two courses are the same.

We will Tailor make each course for your team.